A Familiar Face When You Can’t Be There.

Our short-term caregivers are great for parents who need reliable, trusted child care while they fulfill their other daily duties, roles and responsibilities. With our service, you can request the same professional each time, ensuring a comforting presence. Our short-term nannies are vetted through the same thorough screening process as our long-term nannies. They go through a rigorous interview process as well as comprehensive background and reference checks.

Our Short-Term Nannies Are Ideal for Parents and Families Who:

  • need an occasional sitter, intermittent aftercare, or before-care (perfect for working families who need a caregiver for those early morning shifts or commutes)

  • employ long-term nannies, for those times when your regular nanny is ill or on vacation

  • need a much-deserved weekend holiday or vacation without their children

Nanny Loft nannies are paid directly at the time of service. Please discuss the rate of pay with your assigned nanny at the time of introduction and confirmation of services. The average rate for nannies varies between $15 to $20 per hour, depending on experience and expertise.

Would you like to try out our service first? Not yet sure how often you’ll need it? No problem! You can call us at any time during our normal referral-service hours and we will match you with an available caregiver. Please note, our short-term nannies generally only accept assignments lasting at least four hours.  

Need a more permanent childcare provider for your family? Visit our Long-Term Nannies page for information on our flagship nanny-referral service.